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Our Team

K9 Convoy was founded with one thing in mind - FUN! 

More than just a walk in the park we pride ourselves on making sure your dog has THE best time exploring and socialising with our K9 Convoy crew.

How do we differ from other dog walking groups in the Eastern Suburbs?

First we get you to meet us in the park with your dog to meet the group of dogs we think would be best suited. This gives you the opportunity to see who your dogs possible play mates will be. 

We only put dogs in groups that fit. We don't just throw them all in together. 


We want to make sure your dogs walk is the best part of their day and that they genuinely enjoy who they are walked with.


We visit the best dog friendly areas that Sydney's Eastern Suburbs has to offer. Whether your furry friend likes to roll in the grass, or just take a leisurely stroll we do it all at K9 Convoy.

Each and every dog is given the royal treatment with lots of attention, cuddles and delicious treats on each adventure. Your dog's happiness, health and safety is our top priority.

Archie is our CEO, along with his human, Domineque, me.

I have been running The Dog Behavioural Trainer for the past 13 years and have recently taken over K9 Convoy. I am also the Co-founder of Canine C.A.R.E.givers which is a platform for dog owners to build their knowledge on dog behaviour and dog general care. 

I have had my dog walking business for the last 15 years and in that time have become a qualified behavioral dog trainer.

How do we differ from other Dog walking companies in Sydneys Eastern Suburbs?

We don't walk more than 4 dogs per walker, this is a N.S.W law.

We keep our pick up areas close together, we don't want the dogs spending most of their time in a van rather than out in the fresh air.

We don't just take any dog on the walks. Like us, we don't all like night clubs, or concerts or the opera. Not all dogs like being in a van with other dogs, or in a park with other dogs. We will let you know and recommend what we think will be suitable for your dog.

We group the dogs with dogs with similar energy levels and play styles. This is to ensure your dog gets the most out of their walk. We like the dogs to engage not just with each other but also with us and their environment, this is beneficial for their day to day enrichment which is both their physical and mental stimulation.

Our aim us for your dog to have a fun, safe and enjoyable time when they are out with us.


About K9 Convoy

Our Team
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